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Enabling Affiliate Printing for Remote Clinics and 3rd Parties

Affiliate Printing for Remote Clinics

In most large healthcare organizations, all departments and facilities utilize a single Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to provide uniform tracking and access to patient data. However, some organizations deliver coordinated patient care through remote clinics and other hospital “affiliates” that lack direct access to these central EMR systems. This makes it difficult to provide reliable and secure delivery of care-related documentation. Affiliate printing is a way to address this requirement.

LRS® Output Management solutions bridge this gap, enabling your EMR applications to do affiliate printing directly to output destinations outside your corporate network. Patient documents are delivered to remote affiliates in the same fast, secure manner as those at your main campus, with the same high level of document tracking and control.

To protect the contents of sensitive patient documents, LRS software supports data encryption during affiliate printing to a target output device. The affiliate printing solution uses IPPS technology to safeguard healthcare data in motion across the network, both from the point of document origin (e.g., a desktop computer) and the destination printer, MFP, or other device. This provides an added layer of security in affiliate printing networks.

LRS Affiliate Printing

In order to provide affiliates with greater autonomy over their patients’ healthcare documents, the LRS solution can also convert EMR output to PDF form for secure local storage in PDF format. This enables remote clinics to view, print, or reprint patient records as needed, while maintaining a record of who accessed which patient document, when, where and how many times. 

LRS affiliate printing software improves document access in even the most distributed affiliate environments. Click here to find out how LRS can save you time and money while improving patient care.