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Why Cirrato | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

Why Cirrato?

With Cirrato One, IT will enjoy one central point of control over the entire printing environment. Printing is fast and reliable, and uses minimal bandwidth. 

These are the benefits for both the IT department and the end users when you implement a single server printing solution:

  • Single server printing 
  • Bandwidth reduction
  • Redundancy: printing always works
  • Single click printer installation (end-users)
  • Centralized driver management
  • Targeted messaging if printer is unavailable
  • Use printer native drivers
  • Manage USB printers

BUT Cirrato offers more. It is the only solution that also offers you all of the following print management features:

  • Secure Pull Print
  • Embedded Pull Print applications for all major brands
  • Rules based printing
  • User quotas
  • Device monitoring
  • Accounting
  • Reporting

Browse our features and benefits to learn more about what Cirrato offers to organizations like yours.