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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

Secure Scanning

LRS Secure Data Capture Software

Documents play a critical role in many business processes. Today, organizations need the ability to protect these key information assets while making them easier to share and manage. Secure scanning software helps companies transform physical document workflows into digital ones.

LRS has a powerful suite of doc­ument capture components to help you tailor your infrastructure for the digital workplace. MFPsecure/Scan® software can run on numerous touchscreen-enabled MFPs from most leading print hardware manufacturers. From the interface built into your multifunction devices, users can scan documents and send them to a virtual folder, portal, cloud repository, email address, FTP server, and other destinations as well as leverage built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities.

The intelligent scan enhancement software solution offers single sign-on via proximity cards, PIN codes, and other authentication methods. Innovative features offer faster, more flexible OCR capabilities, advanced barcode recognition, auto­mated faxing, as well as integration with Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and leading Cloud storage platforms.

Embedded Scan Workflow Software

Customers using most modern MFP's can run MFPsecure/Scan® as an embedded client on the device. This gives users access to basic scanning functions as well as number of custom document workflows directly from the front-panel touchscreen interface. Such workflows facilitate true business process automation that improves organizational efficiency while reducing the risk of human error.

LRS Secure Scan

LRS offers embedded versions of MFPsecure/Scan® software to support many popular MFP hardware platforms. Take control of your document environment with output management solutions from LRS. Contact our team of experts to find out how.