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LRS Training installation, usage and customization

Training Solutions

Though easy to install and use, the flexible nature of LRS® software gives administrators the ability to customize user settings and interfaces, create custom workflows, directly interface to business applications, etc. To help customers get the most from the solution, we provide a variety of administrator and end-user training options.

Standard LRS training modules cover the configuration and use of each of our products. For customers with complex IT environments or customized workflows, LRS can tailor the training to the customer’s environment and emphasize topics particularly valuable to a group of users or administrators.  

Topics covered in LRS training courses include:

  • Overview of output management
  • The LRS solution architecture
  • Installation details for various supported platforms
  • LRS Operator console functions (Login, setting preferences, masking, Output & Retain Queues)
  • Printer & Administrator console functions (printer configuration, server administration, automatic printer find & configuration)
  • Security topics (Authorization, authentication, Active Directory integration, etc.)
  • Integration with 3rd party business applications and LRS components
  • Any customized document workflows configured in LRS products for the customer environment
  • Special topics, including high-availability configurations, data transforms, etc.
  • Troubleshooting network, device, and other output-related issues

LRS training is available in both train-the-trainer and end-user formats. Click here to learn about all of LRS’ Training Services offerings.