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Until recently, most business’ IT systems ran in on-site data centers where they were maintained by a team of administrators and help desk staff. While this gave organizations a great deal of control, they also bore the expense of acquiring, administering, powering, cooling, and otherwise maintaining this IT infrastructure. Today, private, public, and hybrid cloud technologies can help organizations reduce the hardware, software, and personnel expenses of computing.

During the LRS Managed Services design process, our team works with your stakeholders to identify the best way to integrate our secure document delivery services into your organization’s IT infrastructure. Three popular scenarios include:

  • Customer On-Premise/Private Cloud – Our services team will establish a private cloud infrastructure for managing print using LRS software running at your location.
  • Customer Off-Premise/LRS Hosted – LRS can host your LRS software within the LRS cloud solution using Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and more.
  • Customer Off-Premise/Other Hosted – For organizations that already have a well-established cloud computing environment with another cloud provider, the LRS Managed Services team works with your staff to tailor our solution to meet your unique requirements.

When it comes to meeting today’s challenges, one size does not fit all. With LRS Managed Services, we offer reliable, secure print management from your critical applications, regardless of how or where you choose to run them.

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