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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

Forms Creation and Development with LRS

Forms Creation

Replacing your pre-printed forms with electronic versions can help you reduce cost and greatly improve flexibility in generating invoices, checks, patient data sheets, and other critical business documents.

Whether you need help designing a new form or need to convert a legacy format to a more modern one, LRS can help. Our Forms Creation professionals can work with you to both design your new forms, and test them to ensure compatibility with data from your business applications.

Customers migrating from a mainframe environment may have dozens or hundreds of AFP or Xerox-formatted documents containing logos and other graphic elements. Our staff can help you convert these forms for use with newer open systems or Windows® applications. The FormPort for VPSX® solution (form builder) can merge these forms with application data for printing or online delivery in PDF format.

Whether your forms are simple or complex, our staff can help you develop attractive and functional formatted documents. Click here to discuss your output needs with our technical services team.