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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

LRS Output Management

Print Monitoring

What capabilities can print and printer monitoring software provide?

  • Central print monitoring and printer monitoring for simplified IT services and quick error detection/resolution
  • Reporting and print auditing of how much/what type of printing your organization is doing
  • Monitor printing and printer usage for internal printer consolidation projects
  • Print cost accounting
  • Policy printing creation and rollout
  • Print monitoring for security and compliance
  • The ability to manage vendor relations with Managed Print Services (MPS) Providers

The LRS® Output Management software is a unique solution that provides a standardized IT service layer for all your digital document output and hardcopy printing.  Our software is a platform-independent solution for managing printing from mobile to mainframe and everything in-between.  LRS software centrally manages and monitors printing enabling organizations to eliminate most of their incumbent print infrastructure such as Windows® Print Servers and specialist printer hardware.  LRS software is proven to substantially reduce costs, simplify IT services and improve end user experience.

To find out more request a demonstration from LRS or click on any of the links in the learn more section on the left.

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