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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.


Mobile Printing

A healthcare organization that needed to quickly stand up COVID-19 reporting capabilities in temporary facilities.

Remote Working and Application Printing

A large bank that traditionally printed large reports from their core banking applications. With most employees working from home, they needed to quickly redirect these reports for email delivery.

Zero Touch and Logistics

A large insurance company that formerly printed statements from their core applications and distributed them to remote brokers via post. Due quarantine rules, this manual document processing was no longer allowed. The company quickly shifted to PDF-based electronic document delivery.

Expert Forum: Challenges Related to COVID-19

Four members of LRS’ sales management team recently met online to discuss some COVID-19 related issues our customers were facing and the creative ways they are addressing them.

Mainframe Transformation and View Instead of Print

This video covers transforming print-intensive business processes to zero-touch, electronic ones.

Digital Transformation and Document Automation

Migrating paper-based compliance processes to zero-touch electronic ones.

Application Printing and Compliance

Migrating paper-based compliance processes to secure email-based ones.